QUANTUM is redefining transit safety by combining securement expertise, intelligent technology and the latest in modern industrial design.

QUANTUM enables wheelchair and scooter passengers to secure themselves with the simple push of a button

The entire securement process takes place in under 25 seconds —
without requiring driver assistance.

Quantum Rear-Facing Wheelchair Securement

Features and Benefits At-a-Glance

Wheelchair Securement with the Push of a Button


QUANTUM offers mobility passengers the dignity and independence to secure themselves. The simple one-touch operation offers users a safe and secure ride while keeping drivers in their seat and focused on the road.

Time Saving Wheelchair Securement


With wheelchair and scooter securement in 25 seconds or less, QUANTUM removes unknown variables and helps keep busses on schedule. With QUANTUM, everyone gets going – safely and on time.

Quantum for Everyday Transit Use

Transit Tough

With its stainless steel construction and durable over-mold grips, QUANTUM is built to endure the wear of everyday transit use.

Rear-Facing Wheelchair Securement


The preferred securement method worldwide, rear-facing securement is proven to be one of the safest solutions available.

Wheelchair Securement with Driver Control


Drivers remain focused on the road because QUANTUM gives them the flexibility to manage wheelchair securement from dashboard controls.

Low Maintenance Wheelchair Securement

Low Maintenance

Through extensive field and lab testing we were able to develop a basic maintenance schedule that ensures optimal performance with minimal hassle.

What People Are Saying

Beautiful Design, Exceptional Engineering

Quantum Acceptance Worldwide

These Transit Properties are leading the QUANTUM Revolution.
Does YOUR Bus have QUANTUM?

Quantum Wheelchair Securement Accepted Worldwide

With Quantum, Everyone Gets Going


Wheelchair Passengers, Commuters, Drivers and Transit Properties. When you GO QUANTUM, everyone gets back to their journey.

Mobility Riders

QUANTUM restores a sense of freedom and independence to wheelchair passengers by allowing them to secure themselves.

Bus Drivers
Go further

QUANTUM gets your drivers back on the road. With independent securement in under 25 seconds, your routes get more miles with less curb time.

Bus Passengers
Go faster

QUANTUM gives commuters the assurance that their schedules won’t be delayed by traditional securement.

Transit Properties
Go leaner

QUANTUM saves your company money with less driver training, less product maintenance, less delays and less liability. Keep your buses on schedule and your budgets on track.