New Wheelchair Securement System for ABQ Ride

Quantum is the transit industry's first fully automatic rear-facing securement system

New Wheelchair Securement System for ABQ Ride

Rapid Ride Bus Testing Quantum Securement System

As the transportation industry’s first fully automatic rear-facing securement system, Quantum makes public transportation more accessible to wheelchair and scooter users. Even better, it simplifies the securement process, resulting in shorter dwell times and happier passengers. Currently, the system is being tested inside one of ABQ RIDE’s Rapid Ride Buses.

Quantum is the first fully automatic rear-facing wheelchair securement system in the industry. Its groundbreaking technology allows mobile riders the ability to secure themselves without having to depend on a driver’s assistance as traditional wheelchair tie-down systems typically do. Starting May 8, 2015, the Quantum securement system will undergo testing on a 60 ft. articulated bus that is currently running Route #790-Rapid Ride/Blue Line. This system will be of great assistance to passengers and drivers allowing for faster and simpler securement.

“It’s a state of the art system that could benefit passengers and drivers alike. We believe Quantum’s design makes it easier and quicker for our wheelchair passengers to have their wheelchair secured.”

-Bruce Rizzieri, Director of ABQ RIDE

A product of Q’Straint America from Fort Lauderdale, FL., The Quantum Securement System is used with ease as all the rider needs to do is back up to the system’s backrest to be secured through the automatic locking sequence. This locking sequence entails two arms at the sides that lock in to secure the wheelchair. These arms adjust their grip automatically as needed throughout the ride.

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