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New Quantum Video Series Filmed in Manatee County

The aim of filming of this video series was to document commuter experiences, driver feedback and a review of the overall installation process.


Q’STRAINT Presents QUANTUM at 2017 Professional Development Workshop Workshop in Tampa

Q’STRAINT was one of only three manufacturers to be invited to speak at the 2017 FPTA/FDOT/CUTR Professional Development Workshop in Tampa Florida.


Securing the Future of Accessibility at Tulsa Transit

This past June we had the privilege of partnering with one of our favorite customers, Tulsa Transit, on a joint project to highlight the benefits of QUANTUM and detail exactly how top transit agencies around the world are rolling out the QUANTUM Securement System to local mobility riders.


Advocacy for Accessibility

There are many disability advocates working diligently to draw attention to topics that affect the disabled community. Today we focus on advocate and journalist Helen Dolphin, and her latest initiative.


LeeTran Showcases QUANTUM

Wheelchair Securement System Making Waves in Florida During a recent showcase in two Fort Myers transfer center locations, passengers were given the opportunity to learn about and demo QUANTUM, a rear-facing wheelchair securement system. LeeTran partnered with Q’Straint to host the showcases. Event attendees included Paul Lawhorn, injured while serving in Iraq, and Johnny Jenks, who survived a three-story fall. Unfortunately, both men

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Early Adopters Set New Precedent for Wheelchair Securement

Discover the Transit Agencies that are raising the bar for BRT Mobility Securement.

QUANTUM is the transportation industry’s first fully automatic, rear-facing securement system. These are the first transit agencies to make the leap…


5 Key Benefits of Quantum Rear-Facing Securement

Understanding why the transit industry should make the switch There are considerably more than five benefits to using rear-facing securement, specifically Quantum. This article will provide insight into the ways Quantum allows mobility riders to travel freely, safely and quickly.


The Ultimate Glossary of Wheelchair Securement Terms

Mobility securement defined From standard wheelchair terminology to hyper-focused mobility securement terms, this guide will serve as a powerhouse resource for wheelchair education. Looking for a great resource on wheelchair securement education? You have come to the right place! Here you will find industry specific terminology that will allow you to become an expert on the topic. Here is a collection

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