New Devices Eases Access for Green Bay Metro Riders

New Devices Eases Access for Green Bay Metro Riders

Mobility Riders Experience Improved Bus Access with QUANTUM in Green Bay Metro Buses

Green Bay Metro welcomes QUANTUM as the newest addition to local area buses, providing enhanced accessibility for wheelchair and scooter travelers.

The fully automatic rear-facing securement system is activated by the simple push of a button. This allows mobility riders to secure themselves without requiring driver assistance, instilling a renewed sense of independence.

Metro leaders say the system will reduce liability concerns for the city and dwell times for passengers.


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QUANTUM is the transportation industry’s first fully automatic rear-facing securement system. Maximizing safety and minimizing complexity were key focuses in the design and development phases. Through extensive field and lab testing Q’Straint was able to develop a basic maintenance schedule that ensures optimal performance with minimal hassle. Driver training is simple and straight-forward, making the switch to rear-facing securement more seamless than ever before.

QUANTUM enables wheelchair and scooter passengers to board a bus, position their chair and safely secure themselves in a stable rear-facing position with the simple push of a button. By combining securement expertise, intelligent technology and the height of modern industrial design, QUANTUM is redefining transit safety. Give mobility riders the independence and dignity they deserve with this state-of-the-art securement system.

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