New Quantum Video Series Filmed in Manatee County

New Quantum Video Series Filmed in Manatee County

Q’STRAINT spent the day with Manatee Country Transit riders and operators to record their experience with QUANTUM

The aim of this new video series was to document commuter experiences, driver feedback and a review of the overall installation process of the QUANTUM. Feedback was tremendously positive. Aside from MCAT, many other local transit agencies have expressed interest in the state-of-the-art QUANTUM system, and as an early adopter, MCAT’s feedback is a valuable resource for those eager to learn more about QUANTUM technology.

Watch the series of videos below:

QUANTUM User Experience - A First Hand Account

Importance and Benefits of QUANTUM Automatic Wheelchair Securement

On Board with the QUANTUM - Automatic Wheelchair Securement

QUANTUM - Complete Wheelchair Securement in 25 Seconds

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