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New Devices Eases Access for Green Bay Metro Riders

Mobility Riders Experience Improved Bus Access with QUANTUM in Green Bay Metro Buses Green Bay Metro welcomes QUANTUM as the newest addition to local area buses, providing enhanced accessibility for wheelchair and scooter travelers. The fully automatic rear-facing securement system is activated by the simple push of a button. This allows mobility riders to secure themselves without requiring driver assistance, instilling a renewed sense of independence. Metro leaders

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Quantum Transforms Travel for Wheelchair Users On Lothian Buses

Blogger, disability advocate and member of the Muscular Dystrophy Trailblazers, Emma Muldoon recently had the opportunity to demo Quantum. The fully automatic rear-facing securement system was being showcased on Lothian Buses at an open day in Edinburgh. Championing efforts to improve the accessibility of public transport, Muldoon was eager to test the new system. CHANGING THE WAY WHEELCHAIR USERS ACCESS PUBLIC TRANSPORT

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