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LeeTran Showcases QUANTUM

Wheelchair Securement System Making Waves in Florida During a recent showcase in two Fort Myers transfer center locations, passengers were given the opportunity to learn about and demo QUANTUM, a rear-facing wheelchair securement system. LeeTran partnered with Q’Straint to host the showcases. Event attendees included Paul Lawhorn, injured while serving in Iraq, and Johnny Jenks, who survived a three-story fall. Unfortunately, both men

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Early Adopters Set New Precedent for Wheelchair Securement

Discover the Transit Agencies that are raising the bar for BRT Mobility Securement.

QUANTUM is the transportation industry’s first fully automatic, rear-facing securement system. These are the first transit agencies to make the leap…


5 Key Benefits of Quantum Rear-Facing Securement

Understanding why the transit industry should make the switch There are considerably more than five benefits to using rear-facing securement, specifically Quantum. This article will provide insight into the ways Quantum allows mobility riders to travel freely, safely and quickly.


EYMS Takes Quantum Leap

New Technology in Mobility Securement for EYMS Quantum is the transportation industry’s first fully automatic rear-facing wheelchair securement system, designed and developed by Q’Straint. The highly anticipated system was released in 2013, winning a European Coach and Bus Week Innovation Label Award at that year’s Busworld exhibition in Kortrijk. Chris Peat originally covered the launch of the product and now

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New Wheelchair Securement System for ABQ Ride

Rapid Ride Bus Testing Quantum Securement System As the transportation industry’s first fully automatic rear-facing securement system, Quantum makes public transportation more accessible to wheelchair and scooter users. Even better, it simplifies the securement process, resulting in shorter dwell times and happier passengers. Currently, the system is being tested inside one of ABQ RIDE’s Rapid Ride Buses. Quantum is the first

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Quantum in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

The Quantum Securement System is generating plenty of buzz in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Eau Claire Transit, of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, was the first U.S. transit company to install the Quantum wheelchair securement system for city bus passenger use. Generating a lot of buzz throughout the transit community, the Quantum securement system enables wheelchair passengers to secure themselves in less than 25

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